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Driving Instructor Pass Rates 

The national average pass rate issued by the DSA is 42.5% and for those who pass on the 1st attempt is less than 41%.

We are proud to confirm that the pass rate by our students is above the average on their 1st attempt due to what we think is our method of teaching.

The average amount of professional lessons it takes for our students to attain test standard is currently 21/22 hourly lessons, this does not include private tuition with family or friends.

Whilst we cannot guarantee to any student that they will be at test standard by our average of 21/22 hours we believe that our method of teaching achieves far quicker results than some other standard methods of teaching.

Ask yourself the following?

Am i getting value for money on my lessons?

Are my lessons beeing structured to my ability?

Is my instructor "dragging out"  my tuition.

Dont be misled by "cheap" driving lessons as you are more likely to find that you will need more lessons and in the end it will cost you more.

If you feel this is the case then help is at hand with our driving school.

BRIAN NEWMAN DRIVING SCHOOL Driving Lessons Terms and Conditions As with all kinds of business there must be some ground rules to go back to, should there ever be a disagreement, the following terms and conditions represent the basis upon driving lessons and courses are offered to you by Brian Newman Driving School. Payments: All payments for lessons (standard or block booking) must be made in full before lessons start. Payments can be made by Cash, cheque or Bank Transfer. Lessons should start within 30 days after payment has been made and should be completed within 12 months (subject to test availability). Cancellation: 48 hours notice is required to cancel any driving lessons. If less than 48 hours notice is given then half the lesson fee must be paid. If less than 24 hours notice is given then the full fee must be paid. If you suspend taking your driving lessons within a block of pre paid lessons for a period of 3 weeks or more then any remaining lessons will be forfeited. Driving Test. If any student has a test booked and it is mutually deemed that they will not be ready then it is agreed that they give me permission to move, exchange or cancel the test booked giving the student sufficient notice to avoid loss of the DVSA test fee. Lessons: I will be happy to start and finish your lessons from different locations, providing these are agreed 1 week in advance, and are within my usual area of work. If the area is outside my normal locations then you are liable to pay travelling time for the time outside your normal lesson. Refunds: 1. If you pass your test with me and have unused tuition time, this will be re-calculated at the normal hourly lesson price current at that time and the balance refunded to you minus an admin fee currently 10.00. 2. \In the event that a pre-pay deal is not completed before you pass your test with me for any reason then any used time will be calculated at the current normal lesson price current at that time and the balance refunded to you minus an admin fee of 10.00. Please note: The deposit or any subsequent training fees paid are not refundable in the event you decide to cancel the training once the booking has been accepted by me and a start date agreed. At this point we have a binding agreement. This does not affect in any way your statutory rights to be be provided with the goods and services you have bought. By booking and paying for lessons it is agreed that you have accepted the terms and conditions.  

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